Song  by Space Cubs

Produced by Space Cubs

Mastered by Michael Beharie



This time another day has passed and I'm burying pains and freedoms that I thought I had yesterday Maybe everything is sideways And you're psyched out and you're tripping and I'm wondering what I am I'm made of something Not extraordinary sorts I'm made of something and it's the same thing that you are too Well I'm mystified by my uncontrol With filthy fingers pulling at the finest strings Leftovers sit, eating from their nestings It's implied and now showing it's sideways. Well you're psyched out and you're tripping and I wonder what I am I'm made of something Not extraordinary sorts I'm made of something and it's the same thing that you are too Now I'm puzzled by your wild rise And while you use it up, we'll be yelling here Till you hear us dragging our heavy hearts behind Now it's all up to us Control.

DAY 1:

Wednesday, ‎October ‎4, ‎2017, ‏‎2:55:42 AM


Suzanne records "dark vox pad" .wav


C:\Users\Shawn\Google Drive\Space Cubs\MUSIC\vox samples for shawn







Day 2:

Wednesday, ‎December ‎20, ‎2017, ‏‎12:51:28 AM


Adam records "37" .wav


C:\Users\Shawn\Google Drive\Space Cubs\MUSIC\Guitar Samples






Day 3

Saturday, ‎April ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎11:30:10 PM


Suzanne, Adam, and Jeanette go to the Tabernacle opening in Buffalo on West Ferry


Swannee stays behind in the tiny room, determined to make a bunch of different beats that night. The band had just declared Swannee the official drummer and they needed to write a song from scratch to lock it in


5 beats are made that night


C:\Users\Shawn\Google Drive\Space Cubs\MUSIC\_ALL SONG FILES_\Zombie\Zombi 4_17 Project










..other beats made that night

which we still might flesh out someday


\im_confused 4_18


\out for tony trimm

\Zombi 4_17





Day 4

Date Unknown


Suzanne writes lyrics, records vocals and organizes sections


\Dragging Behind











you're psyched out and you're tripping and I'm wondering what I am I'm made of something


Adam Writes Guitar Part for Suzanne's fav vocals

This sample "ooh" sound effect


is a cut sample from Suzanne

singing on the song "The 4th Age", reversed


Adam records electric guitar layer using

Data Corrupter

original beat

using samples "dark vox pad" and "37"

recording the main riff with an acoustic guitar and iphone.

At the time swan was listening to a lot of UK Grime music from the early 2000's. specifically Dizzee Rascal. They fell in love with how fearlessly abrasive and off kilter the drum samples pound.  Dizzee Rascal is a legend.  ..Same with DG, obv we listen to DG


"I'm the fitness instructa!"


This was the first song we made where Shawn was the designated drummer, and they wanted to take advantage of having the ability to put lots of automated envelopes on the samples in ableton so that the sounds could change to the timeline, but all the "hits" themselves are triggered live

A message from Suzanne about "Sideways" I don’t want to interpret ‘Sideways’ for anyone else because I believe in the listener bringing the song to life in their own personal way, but I will explain how the process was for me. Initially, it produced a lot of high-strung emotions because of where I came into it. When I used to work alone, I rarely made any tracks that felt sonically harsh in this way. So, it was a real pleasure to work on and almost felt like it knew where it was going on its own, that we were just making it a reality. I didn’t start bringing in and organizing my parts until after Shawn’s beats and Adam’s guitar were already very present and spawning my feelings. As they were cycling, my first reaction was not simply anger, but a desperate sort of anger. What’s interesting about anger is that it’s usually attached to blame, and while there was a lot of initial blame happening, for me, the feelings sort of evolved into a larger picture where not only anger was present, but confusion, desperation, a sort of question. These feelings were related to the thirst for power, money, greed, and exploiting others to get what you want. “And you’re psyched out and you’re tripping and I wonder what I am. I’m made of something and it’s the same thing that you are too.” So, because we are made of the same things, we ought to be encouraging extending things like generosity, compassion, empathy, and helping others. Ultimately, I start to question my own identity and the way I also treat others. “And while you use it up, we’ll be yelling here till you hear us dragging our heavy hearts behind.”