From Suz--


“So Low” went through many transformations. It was definitely, at least for me, one of the more challenging songs on the album to really bring to life. We even tried to play it live, and it wasn’t working, so we set it down for a while. It wasn't till crunch time for finishing up the songs, that we went back in. My plan was to try to record a bass part that went with the rest of it, but suddenly those parts turned and we rearranged again. The theme was being in a place of not only struggle/ aloneness but how it then can sometimes turn into cynicism and a sort of lack of feeling or caring. I have put myself or given into that place so quickly. “Lackluster inside, I’m so low.” It becomes chaotic at the beginning, a back and forth, until release and giving in to the sadness. But, I know there will be an up again. Until then, “notions that can make up the time without you..”, the shadow time without the joy and contentment. Then the cycle starts again and, “all my energies are calling for a waves.”

Shawn working on the granulator solo before the end of So Low in the studio in real time

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